2018 Endorsements

"I have known Forrest Beadle for over 25 years. We first met as students and ROTC Cadets at TCU and since then he has remained a close friend. He served with me in the United States Army and is a fellow Texan and TCU Alum with whom I have shared life’s many joys and who I trust implicitly. He is a man of quiet strength, honor, and character who strives to care for his family, his friends, and his community. Of all my lifelong friendships, Forrest is the person that I would chose to take the hard road of the moral right over the easy road that would compromise his integrity. I endorse him unhesitatingly to be the next Veterans Court Judge!" - Lieutenant Colonel John VanHook

"As a Vietnam vet who proudly served our country in the Navy, it is my privilege to stand with Forrest as he pursues this race. He will bring integrity and wisdom to the intense decisions made in this position. He has demonstrated a strong record of caring as much for each individual veteran as he does for the safety of our Denton County community. It is time for a change in regime and Forrest Beadle is the man for the job! Thank you Forrest for running this race!!" - Ken Cutting

"I had the privilege of meeting with Forrest over lunch recently and the absolute passion for this court and who it serves came through like lighthouse on a dark shoreline. He knows the issues related to this court very well and he knows what it needs probably better than anyone else. I can't wait to cast a vote for Forrest Beadle!" - Daniel Jaworski, Highland Village City Council Place 7

"As a former prosecutor, army reservist (89-95) and an attorney in Denton County, I have come to know and appreciate Forrest’s commitment to our community and his service to our brothers and sisters in uniform. Denton County will be better served with Forrest on the bench." - Brent Hill

"I support Forrest Beadle for this elected position because we need a veteran to take care of veterans. I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer having served in the submarine force. Forrest is the kind of man that we looked for to crew a submarine. He is a man of integrity, deep moral convictions, and a sincere desire to help his fellow veterans. He is the right man for the job." - Rick Muse

"As an active Precinct Chair in Lantana and after serving in a thorough vetting process for the candidates in this race, I wholeheartedly support Forrest Beadle for Judge of Criminal Court No. 3." - Suzanne Gilbert

"I am proud to call Forrest a friend. He is a kind, good and fair man. I think it’s time a Veteran serves this Court. In my discussions with Forrest he understands accountability tempered with tough love. The more I get to know him, the more impressed I am with him. He understands the need for proper mental evaluations and a collaborative approach to helping Veterans. His record and leadership are exemplary. It’s time for a change. I hope you will vote for him." - Bob Williams

"Forrest is the epitome of what a judge should be. He is a thoughtful, considerate, diligent and fair person." - Rex Gunter

"My name is Mike Hunn and I am backing Forrest Beadle to be the next presiding judge of County Criminal Court #3. I am a Vietnam veteran. I served in Vietnam in 1970-71, as a combat medic. I also served as the non-commissioned officer in charge of the division psychiatric clinic, ward master of the division psychiatric ward, and advisor to the division regarding drug usage and the army drug amnesty program. Over the last 24 years I have worked as a registered nurse dealing with many health and mental health issues, including managing dementia and Alzheimer’s units and director of nursing. I cared for our troops in Vietnam. I care for our veterans now. Our veterans need and deserve Forrest Beadle as the next presiding judge of our Veterans Court. From my position as a former veteran mentor for the Denton County Veterans Treatment Court, I was able to observe the program for several years. I observed members of the treatment team and I observed the veterans going through treatment program. I also observed Forrest Beadle and I conversed with him as he performed his tasks on behalf of our veterans. As a result, I strongly endorse Forrest Beadle to be the next presiding judge for County Criminal Court #3. I believe he has the qualifications that will carry the program into the future. My decades of experience in various capacities dealing with health and mental health issues, convinces me that our veterans will be best served with Forrest Beadle, a fellow veteran, on the bench and in charge of our Veterans Court program." - Michael Hunn RN

"Without question Forrest C. Beadle is the only viable choice for the Judgeship of County Criminal Court No. 3 - Veterans Court. His body of service to country, county, and family represents all that constitutes a valid leader. When I reflect on this outstanding young man I immediately think of leadership, so vital in his role as Judge and so very obvious in his life successes. In his book entitled, "7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution" John Antal, COL, USA, Ret., stated the following about leadership elements. "These elements include the courage to lead, the ability to influence others to act with them; the passion to motivate people to accomplish goals; the resolute determination to do whatever it takes to win and never give up; the competence to plan and organize; the skill to communicate creative solutions to problems; and the self-confidence and essential brilliance to decide and act in time." These leadership elements were taken from George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, as well as Henry Knox and Thomas Paine. These men also shared the attribute of selflessness, which is the first requirement of good leadership. Selflessness is a keen trait possessed by Forrest. Pretty lofty gentlemen that I equate Forrest with. His devoted commitment, in particular to the Veterans Court, make him the unequivocal choice for the position of Criminal Court No. 3 Judge. The greatest compliment one soldier can pay to another is to state that I would welcome you into my foxhole. As a two tour Vietnam infantry officer and four Purple Heart recipient, I welcome Captain Forrest Beadle to my foxhole. On March 6th there is but one candidate that should receive your vote for County Criminal Court No. 3 - Veterans Court. FORREST C. BEADLE! Salute." - James P Wheeler, Jr, LTC, USA, Ret., Denton County Veterans Service Office, Ret.

"As a retired Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy and a Combat Disabled Vietnam Veteran I know first hand the importance of leadership qualities of a Commissioned Officer. Forrest Beadle, a Captain in the US Army will bring that quality and more to the position of Judge in Denton County. Mr. Beadle has demonstrated his leadership and understanding of the Veterans of Denton County, serving as the Assistand District Attorney. Denton County needs and deserves a Veterans Court Judge who is also a Veteran. A civilian cannot understand the full meaning of giving “Service Above Self”. Today 3 out of 4 young people wanting to join the Armed Forces don’t meet the physical, mental or moral standards necessary to serve. When these awesome people finish their service a few have difficulties readjusting to civilian life, and may find themselves in trouble with the law. It it is imperative we have a Judge who understands and can give these Veterans the opportunity to once again be a productive member of society. I strongly encourage all my fellow Veterans and the Citizens of Denton County to support and vote for Forrest Beadle. " - Rex King

"My name is Niki Hightower, formerly Garcia, and I am endorsing Forrest Beadle for Judge of County Criminal Court No. 3, the Veteran's Court. Mr. Beadle's service to our country as a Captain in the Army, to our county as a Criminal Prosecutor, to our community in aiding our local veterans, and to his precinct as a Precinct Chairman convince me he will never compromise the integrity of this esteemed office. His dedication to his wife and children convince me he has earned, and not abused, the privilege of being called Honorable. Please join me in proudly casting your vote for Forrest Beadle as a vote of integrity for Criminal Court No. 3." - Niki Hightower

"I had the honor of meeting Forrest Beadle several years ago when he prosecuted the man who raped me. But the story is not that simple. When I was nineteen years old in the early 80’s I was kidnapped and violently assaulted by a masked gunman and serial rapist. He was tried and convicted for those crimes and for thirty years I stayed connected with Victim Services because I knew in my heart that when he was released he would reoffend. Within three months of his release he brutally attacked another young woman in Denton County. Prosecutor Forrest Beadle immediately recognized how incredibly dangerous this monster was and rolled up his sleeves to present the most thorough and compelling case possible to the jury and thereby insured with a double life sentence conviction that no other human being would ever again suffer at the hands of this offender. For many months prior to the trial and while I was in Denton County to testify as a Sentencing Witness I was able to observe firsthand what a remarkable human being Forrest Beadle is. He is diligent, focused, dedicated and highly respected by all of his peers and colleagues. He has an incredible command of the law and is refreshingly enthusiastic about the legal system he so passionately serves. He is polite, articulate and a genuinely compassionate human being. For the past twenty-three years I have been employed as a police detective in my home state of Florida. For the past eleven years I have had the privilege of sitting as a team member on our local Treatment Court (Drug Court). It is with tremendous assurance and honor that I recommend Forrest Beadle as Denton County’s Veterans’ Court Judge. He has the mind of a wiseman, the heart of a lion and the soul of a true public servant and I am certain he will serve with greatness and make the citizens of Denton County very proud." - Detective Liz Williams

“Forrest Beadle served as my operations officer at Fort Jackson as we trained new soldiers as they entered the United States Army. He was an outstanding Army officer who always provided excellent counsel on training and other key issues as we developed new soldiers to meet the challenges for the combat that they would face. Forrest is intelligent, diligent caring person and who always produces excellent results. He knows and understands soldiers. With Forrest’s keen understanding of soldiers and their experiences he is the best man for this tough job! I endorse Forrest Beadle without reservation for County Criminal Court Judge!” - Colonel Tom McGrath

"The integrity of the Veterans Court is not currently being upheld by Judge Garcia. Forrest will restore the uprightness of this court per its current mission. Forrest is a Veteran for Veterans Court Judge. Forrest is a true patriot serving our country with much dedication and passion. He’s a great American. He is the epitome of a constitutional conservative and completely embraces the Rule of Law. His character and integrity are impeccable. He is intelligent and strong. He is a good friend and one of the finest and most honest persons I’ve known." - Nolan Brawley, former president of Flower Mound Area Republican Club

"I have worked with Forrest Beadle for over a decade. When I think of Forrest, I think of someone who is serious, thoughtful, and loves his country. He was instrumental in starting up the Denton County Veteran's Court, an issue he was passionate about as a veteran himself. He will make a great judge. " - Trina Sandberg Goacher.

"Join me on a journey that I believe will take the cliché of the term: "DRAIN THE SWAMP" to here in Denton, Texas. As a veteran of the US Navy and US Army and having served on the Denton Veterans Court, I can say without a doubt that new blood in the court will bring about new and positive change, meaning the swamp there also needs to be looked at and addressed, Mr. Forrest Beadle is just the person to start the cleanup going. As a military veteran and an attorney he knows how to handle and make positive changes to a system where some veterans either do not have 100% trust in certain mentors. Mr. Forrest, knows the problem(s) and has a plan to remedy the issues at hand. Before you pull the voting lever, ask yourself this very important question: do I want a court that has a leader who served in the military, and fully understands the mission of the court, its mentors and structure or do I want the status quo where leadership does not fully address its own issues and are our veterans receiving service from the mentor leadership. This is the crux of the top issues which, I believe, Mr. Beadle will address and fix." - Joseph P. Derderian

"Forrest Beadle is a man who is dedicated to serving this country and specifically the people of Denton County. From his work in the DAs Office to his service at the American Legion, Mr. Beadle has worked hard to create a better community here in Denton County. This work includes his service in the U.S. Army, his service in the courtroom as a prosecutor, and his selfless service at the American Legion Post 71 helping local veterans and helping to raise a new generation of leaders with the Boys and Girls State programs. Mr. Beadle has shown himself to be a model citizen and a man truly dedicated to Denton County. I hope others will join me in making the right decision March the 6th and elect Forrest Beadle to serve as the next presiding judge of County Criminal Court #3 and as the Veterans Court judge for Denton County!" - Rueben Beckett, 2016 Texas Boys State Statesmen and Boys Nation Senator

"As a Gold Star Mother from Denton County, I am so impressed and greatly honored to support Forrest Beadle for Judge. We need a veteran who knows what all military families go through and how they have suffered being a gold Star Family. Forrest Beadle is a strong, caring man who Denton County needs to be our next Judge. His professionalism and sincere integrity makes me know without a doubt that he will be a great choice for our next Judge." - Phyllis Broomfield

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