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As the Denton County Veterans Service Officer and retired USAF Senior NCO, it was Forrest Beadle who came and asked me to be part of the Veterans Treatment Court. Forrest is the founder of the Denton County Veterans Court. His initiative created the court, found willing treatment team members to be dedicated to the court and make the Veterans Treatment Court a reality. I was personally asked by Forrest to be a member of the court four and half years ago. Being a part of the treatment team is a very fulfilling part of my career. Forrest Beadle is a Military Veteran, seasoned Assistant District Attorney, Founder of Denton County Veterans Court. It's time he be elected as the Judge, and I support Forrest Beadle for County Criminal Court 3 - Veterans Treatment Court!

Paul Bastaich

Denton County Veterans Service Officer

Watch a recent interview between Forrest and Bob Weir of the Cross Timbers Gazette!

Well Team Beadle, we did it! I am humbled by the support you all showed me in the final push. I am grateful for all of you. To those of you who took a day off of work, drove in from out of town or rearranged your schedule to work a poll for me yesterday, you absolutely made the difference. On behalf of Jill and I and the girls, Thank you.

Today is the day! Please remember that my opponent won his last election by only 26 votes out of over 30,000 cast. Every vote counts. Go through your contact list in your phone, and remind them to go Vote for Forrest Beadle! 7-7 today in your precinct!

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